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Non schole, sed vitae discimus. (Seneca)


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Latin-Angol szótár 

A fortiori -                      még inkább, annál is inkább

You have already agreed with me that it is wrong to kill animals in order to produce food. Therefore, a fortiori, it is also wrong to kill animals for something much less important, like belts or coats. (

A priori     -                       eleve

The existence of God is a priori for most people with a religious faith. In a court of law, a priori assumptions about guilt and innocence can be dangerous. (

Ab initio    -                       kezdetben, kezdettől fogva

They do more advanced work with their students ab initio.  (


Actus reus            -           a bűnös cselekedet/mulasztás

I want to examine the mens rea and actus reus to see what I would charge the person with.  (

Ad hoc      -                       ideiglenes, alkalomszerű

There was a committee formed ad hoc to address the issue of trade unions..

Ad hominem-       személyre szabott érvelés (nem az érv, hanem az érvelő támadása)

The Republicans` evocation of pity for the small farmer struggling to maintain his property is a purely ad hominem argument for reducing inheritance taxes.  (

Ad infinitum-                    vég nélkül      (rövidítése: ad inf)

The lawyer was so passionate that he talked on and on ad infinitum.

Ad litem    -           egy ügyre/perre kinevezett, eseti

The curator ad litem did not attend the Tribunal convened on 20 March 2006. (


Ad referendum-               megfontolás/előadás céljára, feltételesen.

·        Term used in contracts to indicate that although material points have been agreed upon, some minor points remain to be decided. Latin for, to be considered.

·          A representative may sign a treaty "ad referendum", i.e., under the condition that the signature is confirmed by his state. In this case, the signature becomes definitive once it is confirmed by the responsible organ. (

Ad valorem-                     érték szerint

Ad valorem duties on imported goods should be taken in consideration.

Amicus curiae-                beavatkozó, szó szerint: bíróság barátja,

Az amicus curiae levél ma már éppúgy magában foglalja az írásban beterjesztett szakmai véleményeket, valamint a bírósági meghallgatásokon elhangzó felszólalásokat, mint a bíróság által a védelem erősítésére felkért jogászok tevékenységét, vagy éppen a jogtudomány körein kívül eső szaktudományos állásfoglalásokat. A témáról részletesen:


The consumer advocacy group filed an amicus curiae brief in the matter before the Supreme Court due to its potentially widespread effect on individual purchasers.(

Annus et dies-                 év és nap

Arguendo-                        az érvelés kedvéért

Assuming arguendo that he was aware of the delayed payment, plaintiff is still not liable under the express terms of the agreement. (

Bona fide-                        jóhiszemű(en)

A bona fide purchaser is interested in buying the company.

Bona vacantia-    uratlan hagyaték/gazdátlan javak

Rules should be adopted on the question of bona vacantia to address the status of domain names the registration of which is not renewed or which, for example because of succession law, are left without holder. (                      

Caveat emptor-               vigyázzon a vásárló (elve)

A Latin phrase for "let the buyer beware." The term is primarily used in real property transactions. Essentially it proclaims that the buyer must perform their due diligence when purchasing an item or service. In other words, consumers need to know their rights and be vigilant in avoiding scams. For example in the private purchase of a used car, caveat emptor places an onus on the buyer to make sure the car is worth the purchase price. This is because once the transaction is complete the buyer will not receive a warranty or return option from the seller. (


Circa-                               körülbelül

Consensus ad idem-        egyetértés, beleegyezés

An agreement - a meeting of the minds between the parties where all understand the commitments made by each. A basic requirement for a contract. (


Corpus delicti-                 bűntárgy

A term from Western jurisprudence which refers to the principle that it must be proven that a crime has occurred before a person can be convicted of committing the crime. For example, a person cannot be tried for larceny unless it can be proven that property has been stolen. (

De facto-                          valóban, ténylegesen, tény szerint

Although his title was prime minister, he was de facto president of the country. Although the school was said to be open to all qualified students, it still practiced de facto segregation. (


De jure-                           jog szerint

Twenty-one is the age for smoking de jure, but de facto, it`s more like sixteen. (

De minimis-                     csekély mértékű, jelentéktelen

It is possible the change in the law may attract a slight increase in appeals, but the impact of these is expected to be de minimis. (

De novo-                          új(onnan)

A trial de novo is a new trial or retrial that proceeds as if the previous trial never happened – the slate is wiped clean.

Deus ex machina-           isteni közbenjárás/csoda

Only a deus ex machina could resolve the novel`s thorny crisis. (

Doli capax-                      vétőképes

Above the age of 10 children are doli capax and are treated as adults, although they will usually be tried in special youth courts   

Doli incapax-                   vétőképtelen

The Government has no plans to change the age of criminal responsibility but believes that there is no case for retaining the presumption of doli incapax. (

Et al-                                és a többiek (bibliográfiában használatos) 

Sours H. E., Frattali V. P.,
Braud C. D. et al:
Sudden death associated with very low calorie weight reduction regiments.
Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 1981. 34. 453-461.

Ex aequo et bono-                       méltányosságból, jóindulatból

The plaintiff wanted to know if the judge was making his decision on an ex aequo et bono basis.

Ex gratia-             szívességi, szívességből

`We decided that we will give $20,000 as an ex-gratia payment for the health problems they may have,` Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn said."
Stalling Agent Orange Suit Costs Ottawa $7.8M; CBC News (Toronto, Canada); Jun 24, 2010.       

Ex officio- hivatalból, kötelessgből

The president is the ex officio commander-in-chief of the armed forces in time of war.(sadlier-oxford vocabulary workshop)

Ex parte-                          egyedül, részben

A few days later she regretted her actions and applied ex parte for a residence order. (

An ex parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to the controversy to be present. In Australian, Canadian, U.K., Indian and U.S. legal doctrines, ex parte means a legal proceeding brought by one person in the absence of and without representation or notification of other parties. (wikipedia)

Ex post facto-      visszamenőleges (hatályú)

While the defendants said applying the 2005 guidelines to their fraud offenses violated the ex post facto bar because it was "retrospective". (

Flagrante delicto-            bűncselekmény elkövetésében rajtakapva lenni

A council officer caught Cable in flagrante delicto at 12. (

Habeas corpus-               törvénytelen fogságban tartás tilalma

Prisoners often seek release by filing a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. (

In absentia-                     távollétében

Iran Sentences Newsweek Reporter in Absentia to 13 Years in Prison. (


In camera-                       privát (jelzőként)

Upon joint motion by the defendant and by the attorney for the Government, the court may hear in camera the statements—made under subdivision (c)(3)(B)

In extremis-                     1. nehéz helyzetben 2.legvégül

Many believe that, in extremis, people can access abilities that border on the supernatural (      

In loco parentis-              a szülő helyében/nevében/helyett

Following the principle of "In loco parentis" teachers can act as a child`s parent during school hours. (


In personam-                   meghatározott személlyel vagy személyekkel szembeni

It is important to note that our forfeiture provisions operate in personam and that forfeiture normally follows conviction. (

In re-                                ügyben

Vmely ügyre való utalásnál használatos. Pl. In re Sichofsky, 201 Cal. 360, 364 [257 P. 439, 53 A.L.R. 615]

In rem-                             dologi, dologra irányuló

It is unclear how long the in rem action will continue because it is unclear how long salvage will continue. (

In situ-                             eredeti helyén

The archaeologists were able to date the vase because it was found in situ. (

In terrorem-                     megfélemlítve, figyelmeztetve

In terrorem  is most commonly used to describe a condition in a will that threatens an heir with forfeiture if he or she challenges the validity of the will. (


Infra-                                alul, alatt (see infra=lásd alább, see supra=fentebb)

Vide supra /vide infra What has already been stated

Inter alia-                         többek között

The committee recommended inter alia, that he be promoted. (

Ipso facto-                       ténynél fogva, tény erejétől fogva

ipso facto his guilt was apparent.(

Ipso jure-                         jog erejénél fogva

a partnership contract may be dissolved ipso jure if one of the partners is found guilty of misconduct. (

Lacuna (legal lacuna)-    joghézag

Legal lacuna hits victims of domestic violence. (

Locus standi-                   eljárási jogosultság

In common law, a litigant has locus standi if a private right is interfered with.(

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